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Having a portrait painted is a unique opportunity to immortalize a person in a special way. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, a loved one or even yourself.

If you’re looking for a special gift or an unforgettable work of art for your home, you’ve come to the right place. I offer high-quality pop art portraits, in which I capture your desired motif on canvas with great attention to detail and skill. Discover my Pop Art Portrait and let yourself be inspired!

A portrait always begins with the search for the right photo. This must be so expressive that I as the artist can clearly recognize the person’s features and reproduce them on the canvas. The choice of colors is also crucial. Painting a portrait is always something very personal for me. I approach my work with great care and love and take the time to capture the face of the person as well as possible. I try to capture not only the person’s appearance, but also their personality and emotions. I’m always delighted when I see the pride and joy in my clients’ eyes at the end of a portrait – because that’s what I want to achieve with my work. If you would like to have your personal portrait painted, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The transformation of the photo template into a work of art.

Kind Template
Kind Template
Kind Template
Kind Template

7 steps to your individual work of art.

Let’s dive into your ideas together. Let me know if you would like to have a portrait painted or if you would prefer a pop art painting. What emotions, colors and moods would you like to capture in your artwork? You may already know where your individual painting should find a place of honor – this will influence the size of the artwork.

We have intensive discussions in which I not only focus on the aesthetic aspects, but also on the deeper emotional meaning of your artwork. Your personal expression is at the center of our discussions.

Before the artistic process begins, I create sketches and designs that I share with you. Your feedback is crucial to ensure that the direction of your vision is perfectly met. We discuss the templates and drafts and make changes until you are 100% satisfied with the sketch.

Together we will select the color palette and size of your painting. Each color is carefully selected to create the desired atmosphere of your artwork – a harmonious fusion of your ideas and my artistic interpretation.

After your approval, I will start with the implementation. I record the progress with regular photos and share them with you. This way, you are involved throughout the entire process and can experience first-hand how your painting is created.

Your feedback is the key to perfection. We discuss the finished artwork and make any necessary adjustments. As soon as you are 100% satisfied with the artwork, it’s time to seal it – we clarify whether it should be matt or glossy.

As soon as the artwork has dried, your personalized painting is ready to take pride of place in your life. You can pick up the painting either at my studio or in my showroom in Zurich. If you prefer delivery, we will discuss together how I can deliver the painting to you.

Discover my three painting styles.

Whether you’re drawn to black shadow, greyscale or street art, each style is a canvas waiting to tell your unique story. Let’s find out together which style best suits your vision and how we can bring your ideas to life.

More about the painting style:

More about the painting style:

More about the painting style:

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porträt malen lassen. vale art. pop art porträt. zeitgenössische kunst aus zürich schweiz. #66 ianna27, 2020, 100X70cm, Oel auf Leinwand, verkauft
Influencer @yontuale
Kunstwerk von Vale Art. Darauf zu sehen ist Patrick Parati ehem. Profi Hockeyspieler aus der Schweiz. Übergabe des Kunstwerkes
Ice hockey player Patrick Prati
porträt malen lassen. vale art. pop art porträt. zeitgenössische kunst aus zürich schweiz.
#70 Girl on fire, 2020, 140x100cm, Acryl auf Leinwand, New Home. porträt malen lassen. vale art. pop art porträt. zeitgenössische kunst aus zürich schweiz.
New Home

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